Product Updates

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Please be advised that the Boba U4T RGB variant has been discontinued and is no longer available. However, we are pleased to offer a new alternative, the Gazzew U4T RGB, which utilizes Gazzew plastic instead of Boba plastic.

- Haimu switches will be restocked in March 2023.


Group-Buy Updates

- JTK Dreaming Girl
Current Status - Pending Shipment
Estimated Arrival - Delayed to Q1 2023

- Vortex Model M SSK
Current Status - Manufacturing
Estimated Arrival - Q2 2023 (
Technical Difficulties Causing Delay in Delivery Date)

- KBM Fairy
Current Status - In Production
Estimated Arrival - Q1 2023

- KBM Golden Locket
Current Status - Manufacturing
Estimated Arrival - Q2 2023

- KAMistry
Current Status - Ordered
Estimated Arrival - Q3 2023

- GMK Maroon
Current Status - Colour Matching Phase
Estimated Arrival - Q3 2023

Hibi Metal Artisan - Received

- DSS Lights Out R2
Current Status - Fulfilled, Extras available for purchase.