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Warranty Service

Warranty statement

● Pantheon provides after-sales service for the product, and the product body (excluding accessories and wire) is guaranteed by the service content.
● If the product is damaged due to accident or improper use or unauthorized repair, the product is not covered by the warranty. Pantheon may charge the customer for the repair service.


Warranty period

● Warranty : The customer must provide the purchase invoice (or proof of purchase) of the product as the basis for the warranty calculation. If the customer is unable to provide the above proof, the warranty period will be calculated according to the product serial number S/N (original shipping date).
● Warranty Period Determination: The warranty period is calculated 1 year from the date of purchase of the product (providing a valid shopping invoice or proof of purchase). If the last day of the warranty period is a national holiday, the next day is the last day of the warranty period.

Limited warranty service

Pantheon has a due diligence obligation on the repaired product returned by the customer.

During the product warranty period and in accordance with the user manual, there is still a defective return repair, the customer does not have to bear any maintenance labor costs and parts replacement costs; if the repaired product has been returned beyond the product warranty period, or the warranty terms are not applicable ( Please refer to “Non-Warranty Scope”. All repair and replacement services will be charged (including repair and shipping). Please keep it in full package when you return it, including wire, power cord, transformer and other accessories. If RMA is not clearly stated The number will be rejected.


Non-guaranteed range

● Failure or damage caused by natural disasters, earthquakes, lightning strikes, abnormal voltages, environmental factors.
● Re-posting, forging, or altering the serial number of the product, or the barcode is damaged and the warranty period cannot be recognized.
● Disassemble, modify or replace non-original parts by yourself or by a manufacturer that has not been authorized by the original manufacturer.
● Failure to operate according to the instructions in the manual or due to improper use of human beings: including but not limited to improper placement of the product soaked, corroded, dropped, squeezed or exposed to abnormal temperature and humidity.
● Consumables in and out of the product: such as batteries, transmission lines, etc.
● Accessories other than the product body: such as paper boxes, manuals, etc.

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